Fiber Array 45°

Fiber Array 45°

Fiber Arrays are fabricated with high precision V-groove substrate by JieXun unique assembly/polish processes to get an excellent accuracy of fiber core position and perfect quality of polished surface. JieXun provides high quality Fiber Array to meet customers' various demands with low insertion loss, high return loss and compact dimension.

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主要特征 Main Features 
● Excellent fiber core position accuracy 【优良的纤维芯的位置精度 】    
● Glass V-groove substrate & lid for effective UV curing【 玻璃的V型槽和盖可有效的UV固化】
● High precision【 高精度】
● Low Insertion Loss【低插入损耗 】                  
● High Return Loss【高返回损耗】
● High stability and rebiability【高稳定性和高可靠性】
● Compliant with Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE【符合GR-1221及GR-1209】
● Meet the ROHS6 【符合ROHS6】  

※ Collimator customized according to customer requirement【 可根据客户要求准直器定制   】