About Fiberpark-passive products supplier

Fiberpark Technology Co., Ltd. was established  in 2008. til now, we have 11 years OEM experience.
We served passive products for sevral front rank companies and won very high reputations in domestic market,we are also their A grade supplier,We have reached within 16 months 0 complain achievement.

Fiberpark has imported Coating machines from Japan, we can coat by ourself ,we do vertical intergration ,this ensure the high quality and delivery in time.


 Up to 2013, Fiberpark started to set up SHENZHEN company , more than  5000-square meters standardized dust-free workshop,total around 600 workers , our main products are :CWDM , DWDM 100GHz/200GHz devices and CCWDM , Mini C/DWDM module(60*55*7.1mm),PLC,fiber optic cable ,connectors ,adapters production.





Nowadays, Fiberpark's perfect production technology and strict testing process, as well as plenty of patents of invention. All of which ensure high quality of products .

Fiberpark has a very professional engineering team , they are keeping on developing new passive products to meet customers' requirements.

Fiberpark devoted to be a century enterprise .all their rational design product’s are satisfy the GR-1221-core and Bellcore.

          45° FIBER ARRAY                                 C-lens                                             MINI DWDM


Cooperate with Fiberpark, customer can rest heart on everything.  OEM is available, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with customer and protect customer's intellectual property right .